ADn – Aquarium Design was established in 2006 by Luís Câncio and Ana Salgueiro with the aim of developing the concept of custom built aquariums, integrated into the design and architecture of a space.
ADn’s name results from the combination of the aquarium as a living system – represented by the Portuguese acronym for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), with the design of aquariums.
Right from the beginning ADn’s main services have been the design, installation and maintenance of all types of custom designed saltwater and freshwater aquariums – cold water and tropical -, for commercial and residential customers. Freshwater aquariums include American/African cichlids, planted and comunitary. Saltwater aquariums range from shellfish to tropical reefs.
In the last few years ADn have been diversifying its services, and currently offers different typologies of aquatic installations, including custom aquariums for themed exhibits and artists installations, lakes, outdoor and indoor waterfalls. ADn has also worked extensively in public aquariums maintenance and renovation around Europe, polishing acrylic (outside and underwater), installing life support systems and scuba diving maintenance.
ADn works in partnership with architects, interior designers and many other professionals, developing high quality projects and creating the best solutions for every space, each one as unique as our clients.