ADn designs and performs all kinds of water installations, in order to create customized aquatic environments integrated in the architecture and decoration of the surrounding space.

Our services include an initial consulting stage, in which we advise the client on the most appropriate options to your space, budget and purpose. ADn performs the installation of the entire life support system and ensures its maintenance. Project management is carried along all these steps, ensuring functional and healthy installations.

ADn also executes projects of lakes, outdoor and indoor waterfalls, art installations, window installation for pools, as well as several works in large public aquariums including acrylic polishing, installation of life support systems and scuba diving  maintenance.

We invite you to visit the design gallery for a sample of ADn’s aquatic environments.

Our extensive range of services allows us to design all kinds of aquatic installations.


Consulting is the initial stage of a project were we counsel our customers on the most appropriate design and installation options including materials and inhabitants.

Project management:

ADn accompanies all stages of a project, from design to installation and commissioning of living beings, ensuring a healthy environment and functional facilities through a personalized service. In the case of an aquarium, we integrate the components related to space, architectural design, lighting and other technical requirements for the operation of the aquarium, as well as the careful selection and placement of inhabitants.

Design and installation:

ADn creates all kinds of aquatic installations, including fresh and salt water tanks, cold water or tropical, glass or acrylic and any size, as well as installation of acrylic panels for swimming pools, lakes, outdoor and interior waterfalls. ADn works closely with architects and interior designers, integrating each project with the space features and the interior decoration, providing all the technical requirements for the correct operation of each facility within the available budget. ADn implements all project with a detailed planning scheme, from the initial design to the introduction of the animals.


ADn has a fresh and salt water aquarium renovation service. Contact us for an assessment of your aquarium.

Maintenance and technical assistance:

ADn provides maintenance services for monitoring and control of all water installations. Maintenance is adjusted to size, type of implemented system and customer choice. Thus ADn proposes the best frequency of maintenance to ensure a stable and healthy running installation. ADn also provides technical assistance to customers who do not have a maintenance service with ADn. Contact us for a free quotation.


ADn offers an aquarium rental service, providing fresh or salt water aquariums for events, including the set up and the maintenance of the facility during this period.

Lakes and waterfalls:

ADn also designs lakes and outdoor and indoor waterfalls.

Specialized jobs:

ADn implements projects in large public aquaria which include acrylic polishing (underwater or outdoor), the installation of life support systems and underwater maintenance of the tanks.

Aquarium lines:

ADn develops specific lines of aquariums, including jellyfish, seahorses and reproduction of specific ecosystems such as tropical reefs, large African lakes, temperate and cold waters environments, namely the Azores, Madeira and mainland Portugal.